Kronos is a Sega Saturn emulator forked from uoYabause. Kronos is targetting Linux and Windows OS.

Message from FCare

When forking uoYabause, at the start of Kronos, I noticed some issues, mainly on x86 and image loading. I fixed it in my fork and proposed to uoYabause and yabause to reuse my patches. Developers of other yabause fork did not decide to backport the fix. So my fork was less and less aligned with other yabause forks, becoming then Kronos.

I am totally open for people to make whatever they want with the improvement done on Kronos or to propose improvement. That is an open source project and contributors or forkers are welcome. That’s why I welcomed siskoo when he proposed to beta test kronos. That’s why I welcomed barbudreadmon when he proposed to port kronos on libretro.

Regarding YabaSanshiro and Yabause, I totally respect the work of the developers behind. They are really high skilled, and they have their own goal and own wish of what their version of emulator are targetting. I have not the same view so I forked.

I do not have any goal of making money, I do not even have any patreon. I am not looking for any bounty. I have my own daily work, working in the evening on the kronos emulator, as a hobby, based on open sources licenses.

If you have concerns about kronos, any issue related to kronos, even regarding the libretro port, I would recommend to log your issue on the Kronos github. I will then be able to answer.

If you do not agree with Kronos project, you can also post tickets on my github. I am also open to any congrats for sure :-) But, please, do not polute the github of other projects with kronos related discussions or trolling.

I wish you will enjoy this emulator and it will allow you to revive your old saturn games. Kronos is born to make me able to play my preferred saturn games on my x86_64 based linux based PC, not more.